National Junior Honor Society

The Morehead City Middle School National Junior Honor Society is a service organization for outstanding students at MCMS. The advisor is Ms. Lewis. Active members will receive a code for the Google Classroom for NJHS so they can stay up to date on all NJHS events.

The five main purposes of the NJHS are to :

  1. Create enthusiasm for scholarship
  2. Stimulate a desire to render service
  3. Promote leadership
  4. Encourage responsible citizenship
  5. Develop character in students

Requirements for Candidates that are eligible for Induction to this chapter must:

  1. Be a member of the rising 7th or 8th grade class.
  2. Be in attendance for at least one semester at Morehead City Middle School.
  3. Be on the Principal's list (first 3 quarters of current school year).
  4. Meet the requirements of service, leadership and be of good character. (Five hours of service must be submitted with your application.)

Selection Process:

  1. The NJHS Advisors will receive reports for the first 3 Quarters of the school year to determine which MCMS students meet the requirements. These students become potential candidates.
  2. Potential candidates will be given a packet that they need to fill out. Students MUST turn the packet in by the deadline to the NJHS advisor. This paper work will include 2 teacher recommendations for membership and at least 5 documented volunteer hours.
  3. New members will be notified of their acceptance into the MCMS School National Junior Honor Society by a letter of congratulations that is sent home to their parents.
  4. A formal induction ceremony will be planned and parents and family members are encouraged to attend this organizational activity. Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to maintain the qualities of NJHS.

Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate the qualities associated with the honor of being a member of MCMS National Junior Honor Society.

In order to maintain membership students will be required to:

  • Be on the Principal's list each quarter.
  • No unsatisfactory grade in WIN class.
  • No OSS or ISS., or teacher discipline referrals. OSS will result in immediate dismissal from NJHS. ISS or teacher discipline referral will result in a probationary period for one Quarter. If a 2nd infraction occurs it will result in immediate dismissal.
  • School district attendance requirements must be met.
  • Community service hours (10 hours) must be completed by April 19, 2019. Documentation will be required and hours must be turned in to advisors.
  • Actively participate in NJHS meetings and scheduled activities.

Current members who do not make Principal's List for a 9 week grading period will be on probation and must make Principal's List the next quarter to remain in NJHS.

NJHS Service Hours Sheet